Best IP Camera

Best IP Camera If you’re in the market for an IP camera, you’re most likely looking to be buying a product that can be used for some sort of personal or professional surveillance. When purchasing your IP camera, there are a few important things to consider.

A lot of this depends on personal preference, so be sure to keep your own thoughts and needs in mind when looking through the market; don’t just buy one that “looks cool”. When buying your camera, these are the things I recommend always keeping in mind:

How many cameras do you want/need?

This is a big one because most IP cameras come in “kits”, which basically means that you can get multiple cameras to use. It’s important to consider the space and location of the area you’re going to need to cover, especially because you might end up buying more cameras than you actually need, and sometimes these cameras can get very expensive.

What sort of quality do you want?

This is also extremely important for a few reasons. Most cameras are at least 720p resolution and above (760p, 900p, 1080p, etc.), and the higher the number in front of the “p”, the clearer the picture will be. I recommend spending as much as you can in your budget to ensure a high-quality image, especially because these cameras are used for surveillance. If something happens, you’ll want a high-resolution picture/video of whatever went on.

The third thing to keep in mind is the tertiary requirements of an IP camera.

For example, can your internet support a 1080p image quality? If not, can it support a 720p image quality? As a general rule, you’ll usually need 1MB/s for 720p and 2+MB/s for 1080p at bare minimum, and this is at 25 to 30fps (frames/second). Also, do you know how to secure your network?

Many networks are publicly available, and if there’s a network-savvy person around, there are ways to obtain the information for them to actually view and manipulate your camera.

Arlo Security System

The Arlo Security System from Netgear is a versatile home security system that offers many choices for the prospective consumer. It’s an overall standard and effective piece of equipment, but there are a few drawbacks that every potential consumer should be aware of.


  • The Arlo IP camera features a relatively high-quality camera, functioning at a consistent 720p video output.
  • This IP camera is completely wireless and also comes equipped with the ability to use night vision, motion alerts, cloud storage, and it’s assured to be completely waterproof. You do have the ability to connect these cameras to USB though, so you don’t need to rely totally on batteries if you don’t want to. This camera can also connect to your smartphone via Arlo’s application.


  • Some pros of this camera are that it comes with built-in night-vision and motion sensor technology. This should be a huge pro for anyone in the market for surveillance cameras, especially considering that crime tends to happen when the sun is down.
  • Another nice thing about this camera is that there are three different power consumption options: there’s “high quality”, “balanced”, and “best life”.
  • As you move down the tier, you lose image quality in place of an extended battery life. However, from what I understand, the “best life” image quality is pretty horrendous, and I would recommend using the other two if possible.


  • There are a few notable cons associated with the Arlo security system. For instance, while this system might be “100% wireless”, it obviously sacrifices quality in the area of power consumption.
  • These little cameras can burn through batteries pretty fast when compared to other IP cameras, but there are some users who’ve reported that, after five months of use, they are still using the original batteries; apparently, it’s a coin toss, so buyer beware.


Overall, this is a quality camera. It’s pretty easy to install and has some nice bells and whistles that most people would consider suitable for a very basic surveillance system. The night-vision and motion-sensor capabilities, coupled with its waterproof technology, are enticing for many consumers, but they are weighed down by the awful battery life, lack of audio, and poor video lag.

If you’re going to spend $144 on an IP camera, the Arlo system will get you what you need, but I would consider other possibilities in this price range as well.


This IP camera from UOKOO is another solid option for anyone looking for a new IP camera and will have enough features to please almost any prospective buyer in the market for a home surveillance system. This 960P HD camera has enough bells and whistles to please most folks, and it’s also very easy to install.

However, like anything else, this product does have a couple drawbacks that we will note below.



360-Degree panoramic view angle with 1/3” fisheye Lens, no blind area, see the entire room in stunning HD video quality during the day or at night (with Night Vision). 960P HD Video format: 1280×1024(1.3MP) Resolution with genuine color by H.264 compression format.


Get informed about every movement in your house via phone push notification or store the alert pictures on Micro SD. The motion detection sensors ‘feel’ it when something is moving in the room and will let you know immediately. Perfect for surveillance.


Night vision up to 16-feet – never miss a moment, day or night, with visibility up to 16 feet in complete darkness. Communicate with family, friends and your pets on mobile devices. Talk to camera or listen to camera, there is no distance to communicate with anyone.


Quick Wi-Fi setup via iOS or Android Smartphone using supplied APP. Remote access to the camera on Smartphone via your mobile 4G network or WiFi.


Record, store and review footage using a Micro SD card (up to 128G) and manage directly from your mobile device. Alert pictures will be stored on the SD card, and you can playback the videos on your phone.


  • The first great perk of the UOKOO camera is its unique two-way audio system. This essentially means that you can hear audio via the camera, but you can also communicate through the camera in an intercom-style way.
  • Many IP cameras on the market lack any audio capabilities at all, so in my opinion, this is a great perk for anyone looking for audio capabilities in their camera. The camera itself also includes an app that you can use on iOS or Android, allowing you 24/7 access to the video/audio feeds.
  • This camera also features a pretty nice HD camera that has a steady 960P HD (1280×1024 res), which is another big step-up from other IP cameras that only broadcast at 720P HD, and these lower-quality cameras often cost much more.
  • The UOKOO camera’s interface is also very user-friendly in its software and allows the feature of simultaneously downloading pictures from the app while the video is recording.


  • The first con I noticed is somewhat nit-picky, but it’s not a full 1080P HD display resolution. This is a feature that is based on personal preference, but I do prefer my cameras to have a 1080P resolution.


Overall, the UOKOO 360-Degree HD camera is somewhat of a mixed bag. There are a ton of great features about this camera, but the app that is used to control these features often feels lackluster at best. Users have reported quite a few problems with the software, while others haven’t had a bad experience.

If you’re willing to risk that this product will perform well for you in spite of negative reviews, then consider this camera. However, if you’re an extremely cautious consumer, you’d probably do well to look for a different camera.

YI Dome Camera

This 1080P HD Dome IP Camera from YI is a fantastic option for someone looking to buy a new IP camera and has a ton of great features with only a few drawbacks. This is an extremely popular surveillance camera used by thousands of people around the world – and as I’ll discuss, it’s for a good reason.


  • 1080p High-definition, 112° wide-angle advanced glass lens combined with 345° horizontal & 115° vertical rotation range create a complete 360° coverage. Advanced night vision with 8 built-in 940nm infrared LED beads extend the viewing distance to 3 meters in pitch dark with no light pollution, so your baby or pet will not be disturbed by LED glare.
  • Responsive and advanced microphone with a built-in anti-noise filter for a clear 2-way Audio experience. Intercom Mode: one party to talk and listen at a time or Hands-free Mode: both parties talk and listen freely for maximum flexibility.
  • Receive real-time Activity Alerts while you’re out. 10-sec motion tracking records and centers the moving object. Bookmark your favorite positions (up to 8) and return to them at the tap of a button. Select Auto-Cruise to survey the area 360° horizontally or cruise your bookmarks, suitable for large areas that need a quick scan (and tracks moving objects).
  • YI Dome integrates with your YI Home family in one simple interface. User-friendly and intuitive app to customize your settings: activity alerts, auto-cruise, bookmarks, camera sharing, customize schedules, and more. Supports connectivity to a large number of devices with the same app/account for maximum convenience. Available for iOS and Android.
  • No subscription fee local storage: Secure your videos on a micro SD card allowing you to access your video content and history anytime. Supports Class 4 and above 4-32GB capacity. A 32GB MicroSD can hold up to 64-hour-long video with continuous or motion detected recordings. Available soon: YI Cloud Service for convenient cloud storage, transmission, and storage with latest and maximum security protocol.


  • Finally, a full 1080P HD display IP camera! This is a huge plus for anyone in the market for an IP camera. A lot of cameras only have basic 720P or 960P support, but the YI Dome Camera supports a full 1080P output, and this gives the user some pretty fantastic video quality.
  • When it comes to surveillance, having a higher-quality display is arguably the most important feature of an IP camera because it allows you to notice even the smallest details. Another awesome feature about this camera is that it has two-way audio functionality with a built-in anti-noise filter, which allows for a pretty crisp and clear sound. Again, many IP cameras lack any audio functionality whatsoever, so the fact that YI included it in this camera, along with 1080P HD video, is a huge plus. The set-up for this camera is also pretty easy and straightforward, and the app used to control the camera is pretty well-rounded even in spite of the fact that it is full of advertisements. Additionally, the YI camera also has some outstanding motion-detection capabilities, and some users have reported that it’s almost TOO good because it picks up light changes (headlights, flahslights, etc.) and subtle animal movements from birds, squirrels, etc.


  • One of the drawbacks about the YI Dome Camera is that the application you must use to control the camera bombards the user with advertisements about various other products from YI. This is a pretty negligible flaw, but it truly does get annoying after you use the app for a couple weeks and continually see those things.


This is a great IP camera, especially for the price. It has a full 1080P HD display and dual-channel audio, and that alone sets this camera apart from most others in the industry. These are crucial features, especially considering these cameras are used for surveillance.

The 1080P quality is truly exceptional, and if you go to amazon and see screenshots, it’s almost hard to believe that you can get this type of quality in a product for such a reasonable price. In spite of the annoying YI ads in the app and potential audio privacy issues, this is truly a remarkable piece of technology.


In the vast market of IP cameras, the AKASO IP1M 720P camera is another option that many people choose to go with. This camera has some nice features that include night vision, 720P display, pan/tilt views, and two-way audio just to name a few. This is a pretty solid option if you’re in the market for a new and affordable IP camera.


  • Video resolution 1280*720P, 13 pcs leds, 3.6mm F2.0 lens, night vision range up to30ft;See in stunning clarity and sharper details with HD wifi cameras in Day/Night.
  • Pan/Tilt: Horizontal angle 355 degree and 90 vertical degree monitor every corner under home surveillance wifi camera; Move the Security IP camera as you wished, so the dark place at your home is no longer the place you worry about.
  • Two Way Audio: This wireless camera built in Microphone and speakers. You can talk and listen to your family or friend on mobile device. Supporting video monitor recording to micro SD card 32GB
  • Alarm Linkage: Built-in 105DB siren, motion sensor and Alarm Host CPU, Working With Wireless 433HZ Alarm Sensors, Like Door/Window Contactor, Smoke Detector, Gas Leak Sensor, etc. (Kindly notice here:This wifi camera supports this features but the packaging is not included this accessories.)
  • Quick wired/wireless network connection: Scans QR Code on the user manual, then on the popup page choose your suitable app: Yoosee or CMS (for PC client ) for easy setup. Other feature like Motion Detection, Email Alert, Screenshot etc Also one camera can simultaneously send push notification message to 3 different phone so no any worries about message delay.


  • One huge pro of this camera is the two-way audio functionality that involved built-in microphone and speakers that allow the user to talk and listen to friends or family members through the app on their mobile device.
  • This device is also super easy to set up and comes with all the needed hardware to get going. The 720P HD camera is nice, but again, I tend to prefer cameras above 720P resolution just because you can make out more details in an image; for the most part, the 720P display should be fine for basic surveillance in general.
  • The night vision on this camera is also pretty great and displays a clear video feed in pitch-black darkness.


  • One con of this camera that many users noted is the difficulty of set-up on a 5G/2.4ghz router/modem. The process of activation through 5G is apparently very difficult and sometimes blatantly doesn’t work


To conclude, this is really a decent camera for the price. It has all the necessary features that an IP camera needs to have, and for the most part, it uses these features very well.

The great night vision, two-way audio functionality, HD camera quality, and ease of use is makes this camera a great choice. Now, if you’re using 5G or a 2.4ghz connection, I would advise doing research on other cameras because of the tricky set-up and functionality problems of this one.

All Cart Wireless Surveillance System

The All Cart Wireless Surveillance System is another option for home surveillance that’s extremely popular on the market and is considered to be one of the better overall cameras. This 720P HD camera with 8x zoom and motion detection packs a pretty powerful punch, but there are some noticeable drawbacks about this camera that certainly need to be addressed.


  • Wireless security cameras has 720P HD video quality,350 X 100 degree covers every corner of your home,ip camera has 8X digital zoom to see all the detail
  • Wifi security camera support remote viewing on mobile devices and Pan/Tilt Control Move the camera as you desired. wifi camera pan angle rotation 350 degree,Tilt angle rotation 100 degree
  • Surveillance camera automatically detect moving objects and trigger alarm,Get phone push alerts notification when wifi security camera alarm is triggered
  • Infrared Night Vision,wireless camera automatically turn on in low light and in darkness
  • Home security cameras is compact and easy to use,nanny cam built-In Mic and Speak free,outdoor security cameras support Clear Two-Way Voice


  • Some great pros about this camera are the same pros that many other cameras have. That is to say it has standard 720P HD resolution, motion detection, infrared night vision, and two-way audio functionality.
  • The two-way audio functionality is particularly great because it’s a feature that many IP cameras do not have. This camera also supports a memory card of up to 64gb and up to 2TB of cloud storage, and this is also a fantastic feature.


  • One notable con with this camera is that it occasionally resets itself, sometimes twice a day. It turns itself and back on, and this is extremely frustrating because every time it resets, you have to go and readjust the camera. This could be awful when you’re at work or something and come home to find out that your camera has been messed up the entire day and didn’t capture anything at all.


This is a pretty decent camera that accomplishes what it sets out to do and does it – for the most part – pretty well. This is a relatively standard IP camera that doesn’t really have any stand-out features other than the two-way audio functionality, and it should be noted that the audio feature is extremely important and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Overall, this camera is a decent option for the price, but there are certainly better options to be considered.

Final Verdict

Out of these five different cameras, how do you know which one to buy? The answer isn’t easy, as it’s based strongly upon personal opinion and expectations for what you want to get out of the camera. In general, I think that the YI Dome Camera is the best option by far for a couple of important reasons.

Its 1080P HD display, coupled with the two-way audio interface and user-friendly interface make it an absolute powerhouse in the IP camera market. Honestly, the only real drawback about this camera are the annoying ads that bombard the user in the YI app that try to get you to buy their other products.

The other option I’d recommend if you don’t think the YI Dome Camera is for you is the Akaso IP1M. The Akaso is a powerful system that offers a wide-array of features and has utilized them extremely well. The fact that it’s only 720P and can’t function properly on a 5G/2.4ghz connection might turn it off for some people, but overall, it’s a fantastic piece of equipment.