YI’s 1080P HD Dome Camera Review

YI’s 1080P HD Dome Camera Review

YI’s 1080P HD dome camera is another very respectable option in the world of IP cameras, and I would certainly encourage every prospective buyer to take a hard look and consider purchasing this one for a wide array of reasons.

The YI 1080P HD dome camera is an extremely popular surveillance camera used by thousands of people around the world – and as I’ll discuss, it’s for a good reason.


  • 1080p High-definition, 112° wide-angle advanced glass lens combined with 345° horizontal & 115° vertical rotation range create a complete 360° coverage. Advanced night vision with 8 built-in 940nm infrared LED beads extend the viewing distance to 3 meters in pitch dark with no light pollution, so your baby or pet will not be disturbed by LED glare.
  • Responsive and advanced microphone with a built-in anti-noise filter for a clear 2-way Audio experience. Intercom Mode: one party to talk and listen at a time or Hands-free Mode: both parties talk and listen freely for maximum flexibility.
  • Receive real-time Activity Alerts while you’re out. 10-sec motion tracking records and centers the moving object. Bookmark your favorite positions (up to 8) and return to them at the tap of a button. Select Auto-Cruise to survey the area 360° horizontally or cruise your bookmarks, suitable for large areas that need a quick scan (and tracks moving objects).
  • YI Dome integrates with your YI Home family in one simple interface. User-friendly and intuitive app to customize your settings: activity alerts, auto-cruise, bookmarks, camera sharing, customize schedules, and more. Supports connectivity to a large number of devices with the same app/account for maximum convenience. Available for iOS and Android.
  • No subscription fee local storage: Secure your videos on a micro SD card allowing you to access your video content and history anytime. Supports Class 4 and above 4-32GB capacity. A 32GB MicroSD can hold up to 64-hour-long video with continuous or motion detected recordings. Available soon: YI Cloud Service for convenient cloud storage, transmission, and storage with latest and maximum security protocol.


This camera is one of the few I’ve seen that supports full 1080P HD resolution. This is fantastic, especially considering that most IP cameras on the market only support 720P resolution.

When it comes to surveillance, having a higher-quality display is arguably the most important feature of an IP camera because it allows you to notice even the smallest details. I’ve personally seen some of the screenshots taken from this camera, and they truly are incredible.

Another awesome feature about this camera is that it has two-way audio functionality with a built-in anti-noise filter, which allows for a pretty crisp and clear sound. Again, many IP cameras lack any audio functionality whatsoever, so the fact that YI included it in this camera, along with 1080P HD video, is a huge plus.

The set-up for this camera is also pretty easy and straightforward, and the app used to control the camera is pretty well-rounded even in spite of the fact that it is full of advertisements.

Additionally, the YI camera also has some outstanding motion-detection capabilities, and some users have reported that it’s almost TOO good because it picks up light changes (headlights, flashlights, etc.) and subtle animal movements from birds, squirrels, etc.


While there honestly aren’t many cons associated with this camera, one of the drawbacks about the YI Dome Camera is that the application you must use to control the camera bombards the user with advertisements about various other products from YI.

This is a pretty negligible flaw, but it truly does get annoying after you use the app for a couple weeks and continually see those things.

Additionally, if you share this camera with someone, you cannot control the audio interaction on their end, which basically means that you have to really have faith that they will flip their audio icon because otherwise they’ll be able to hear what’s going on in your house.

I’d recommend only sharing this with a trusted family member, but it’s up to the user. This is a pretty big privacy problem because it also means that, if the user’s connection isn’t completely private, it could be accessed by someone who knows enough about network security to spy on the user.

As previously stated, the motion sensor is also super sensitive and can trigger notifications and alarms pretty easily, so just be aware of this before making the purchase.


The YI 1080P HD dome camera is a pretty incredible IP camera, and it’s especially great because of its extremely affordable price. It has a full 1080P HD display and dual-channel audio, and that alone sets this camera apart from most others in the industry. These are very important features, especially considering these cameras are used for surveillance.

The 1080P quality is truly exceptional, and if you go to amazon and see screenshots, it’s almost hard to believe that you can get this type of quality in a product for such a reasonable price. In spite of the annoying YI ads in the app and potential audio privacy issues, this is truly a great piece of equipment.

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