Vimtag VT-361 Super HD Wi-Fi Controlled Video Surveillance and Monitoring Security Camera Review

Vimtag VT-361 Super HD Wi-Fi Controlled Video Surveillance and Monitoring Security Camera Review

We live in a world where security is paramount. While dogs and alarm systems give some sense of reassurance, it is never safe until you can see it is safe. There is always a need to add another level of security, just to be sure.

One of the best ways to be protected against intruders, be aware of what is going on, and be able to have control over the safety of anything of value, is installing a security surveillance and monitoring camera. While installing a surveillance system can be costly, not installing one might prove to be even more expensive.

As they say, you never need a third eye, until you do.

So many different surveillance and monitoring security cameras exist, but only a few of them stand out. Among the few is the Vimtag VT-361 Super HD Surveillance and Monitoring Security camera; it is one of the best there is, and it is simple to install and use.


  • Super HD camera (1280 x 780p) for clarity and 25 fps face-to-face effect with clear night vision.
  • A 3.6 mm high-quality lens with the ever-reliable H.264 clear and lossless video compression format
  • Remote pan, tilt and 3X zoom, with a 320° x 120° viewing angle to cover all corners of the surveillance area. Panning, tilting and zooming can be remotely done
  • Motion detection to let you know of undesired or unexpected movement, with snapshot alerts sent to smartphone or tablet for reference
  • Built-in speaker and microphone with two-way audio for clear back and forth voice communication
  • Internet enabled, with Wi-Fi or wired modes of data transmission. Wi-Fi connectivity is backed up by a 3DBI antenna for fast, reliable and uninterrupted wireless Internet connectivity
  • Power options include a wired power output source
  • Strong rubber-based housing for durability, resistance, and resilience to damage
  • Storage options include a 32GB SD slot for playback and recording


  • This surveillance camera has everything you need in an indoor monitoring device
  • The most impressive features have to be the HD camera, clear night vision, and full viewing angle
  • Motion detection and remote pan and tilt features are all remarkable, ensuring you are always aware and in full control of the camera
  • The two-way audio feature is also an added advantage, just in case you lose video privileges
  • This is a great nanny camera; it is also a great surveillance tool for your business, a third set of eyes when out on vacation, and also a senior or pet monitor
  • While most surveillance cameras require a browser, the Vimtag VT-361 will stream live exactly what is happening, and all this is available in full HD
  • At night it will give you clear vision for up to 10 meters, which is also impressive for a surveillance camera
  • The cost is also friendly, taking the price tag of a standard surveillance camera, even though the camera is beyond standard
  • It is easy to set up, requiring only five minutes to get it up and running


  • Biggest drawback has to be the power options. No battery backup in-case of a blackout
  • No cloud recording means limited storage options


Installing the Vimtag VT-361 is quite simple with a QR code set-up mechanism. Operating the surveillance camera is also quite convenient with remote streaming via a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Another outstanding feature that makes the monitoring tool desirable is the remote pan, tilt, and zoom feature that is not always available with most surveillance cameras. The HD camera is another nifty achievement, with clarity enhanced and the 1080 x 720p is remarkable.

The 10-meter night vision is also outstanding, meaning 24-hour surveillance is assured. All these features mean you can use the camera for domestic or commercial purposes.

The only downside is the fact that surveillance cameras that require cords to function fully are somewhat limiting, especially if powering up the equipment is involved: a simple power outage and you are locked out. There is also no mention of an email report delivery feature, which is popular nowadays with most surveillance equipment.

The advantages, however, by far outweigh the shortcomings, and the Vimtag VT-361 is well worth the price.

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