Utalent HD Wireless IP Camera Review

Utalent HD Wireless IP Camera Review

Should you need to add an extra layer of security to your home, you can install a nice IP surveillance camera. If you have small children and employ a nanny to take care of them, you can follow her actions and see firsthand how she treats your kids. Or maybe you have some restless pets that make a mess when you are not at home – then the installation of an IP camera is the answer for your troubles.

The need for an indoor security IP camera is plentiful. When adding an IP camera to your home, garage, or business you increase the level of monitoring and security.

Why install an IP camera?

There are monitoring systems that cost a lot to install and run, and you have to make some adjustments to the home in order to properly install a large surveillance system. For a common household needs though, the better option is the IP camera.

The IP camera does not require a monthly subscription and can be accessed via a dedicated app on your phone or appropriate software on your PC. You do not need to make serious adjustments to your home, just select the place where you want it. You can always be connected to your camera and keep track of the activities that go on in your home or business and even in the case of a burglary, you can be sure what happened.

With the offer of cameras on the market today you can easily select the one that fits your needs. Many offer day and night vision capabilities, motion detection, two-way audio, pan and tilt option, and even Wi-Fi connectivity so you do not need to mess around with lengthy cables. One good choice is the Utalent HD Wireless IP Camera.

Utalent HD Wireless IP Indoor Home Security Surveillance Camera

This is an excellent and affordable option for an IP surveillance camera. It comes with many options and you only need to plug the AC adapter into a wall outlet and connect the camera to your Wi-Fi. In the case that you lack Wi-Fi, this camera can be also connected via an Ethernet cable that comes included in the box. Below we have listed all the important features of the Utalent HD Wireless IP Camera.


  • HD 720P image resolution
  • 264 AVI video format
  • Plug and play setup
  • Supports Android, IOS, Win PC and Mac
  • Wireless and cable connectivity
  • Two-way audio signal
  • Infrared Night vision
  • Motion detection with email and FTP alarm notifications
  • Pan and tilt motion accessible remotely via the app
  • Supports micro SD card for recording, storage and review


The Utalent HD Wireless IP Camera has some amazing qualities and here are the pros:

  • Easy, fast and simple installation
  • Good quality image in both day and night vision
  • User-friendly app
  • Small size and convenient to place in various locations


In spite all the good properties, this gadget has some disadvantages like:

  • Doesn’t work well complicated wireless network passwords

The Utalent HD Wireless IP Camera is very well built and offers some very nice qualities. Its dedicated app enables you to adequately control the camera and always see what is going on in your home. The night vision shows a detailed image and you can follow any possible activity during the night.

The built-in speaker and microphone enables you to speak to your family or to soothe your pet. This option is also accessible through the app on your smartphone and not only you control the camera, you can communicate with the people in your home and even warn of a possible intruder.

This IP camera has the tilt and pan motion that is also controlled via the app. You can set the camera in the room and use the app to see an almost full view of the room. There is also a motion detection feature connected to an alarm push that, when triggered sends an email and phone notification to you and also sends an FTP video alarm. This way you are always informed of anything that is happening in your home at any time.


A device with similar features and similar price range is the LeHome Home IP Camera. This camera has higher resolution with 1080P. The other features of the LeHome Home IP camera are as follows: night vision, zoom action, tilt and pan motion, real-time stream with alarm alert triggered by motion detection.

The installation of both devices is simple enough, download the app, plug the cameras into the wall outlet and connect to the Wi-Fi network. Both devices can be installed anywhere – on a table, wall or ceiling. The Utalent HD Wireless IP Camera has only the memory card storage, but the LeHome Home IP camera has a memory card and access to the Amazon Cloud for storing the video surveillance data.

To finish up

When looking for a decent camera to get appropriate surveillance of your home, and you can’t afford some fancy surveillance system, the best option for you is to use a good quality IP camera like the Utalent HD Wireless IP Indoor Home Security Surveillance Camera.

With its HD image quality, it will provide great views of your home and the persons inside. it also has the built-in night vision, a two-way audio communication so you can communicate with anyone at home, a pan and tilt motion controllable through the app on your smartphone. The installation is easy enough with Plug and Play One Key Wi-Fi configuration.

The dedicated free app that is compatible with both Android and IOS enables you to use your smartphone and guide the camera and monitor the action. The motion detection is also an incredible feature as you get notifications on your phone. An amazing item for new parents to follow their child and nanny or for anyone who wants an added sense of security.

You have previous experience with this IP camera? Please share your advice in the comments below.

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