Use IP Camera Wiring Diagram To Install Surveillance Cameras Correctly

Use IP Camera Wiring Diagram To Install Surveillance Cameras Correctly

If you are looking for surveillance cameras, then the internet protocol cameras or the IP cameras are the best. These cameras are called by different names like webcams or network cameras. The main purpose of this camera is to send and receive the data over LAN (local area network) or on the internet.

In this day and age, people love to have access to everything on their mobile phones and computers. The same can be said about home surveillance. These IP cameras are the best that you can think of if you want to monitor the activities in your home or get intimated about a break in when you are miles away from the home.

Seeing what is happening in your home

The best advantage that you get by using the wireless IP cameras is that you can see the activities that are taking place in your living room or bedroom or the outdoors. This is because of the use of internet cameras.

They will be remotely connected to the internet through a broadband network and you can easily view what is happening in your home by virtue of a live video feed that the camera records. This can be seen from any web browser and in any place of the world.

Once you have set up the IP cameras in your home, then you will just need the internet to transmit and receive live audio and video feed. The modern-day program or app will allow you to monitor multiple IP cameras on your smart phone or tablet without you needing to move an inch.

These internet cameras are just minicomputers that have inbuilt optics and come with a software program. They need to be configured for a network so that it starts to work.

The benefits of using IP cameras

There are a lot of benefits that the modern-day IP cameras offer; this is why it has become a phenomenon in the present times. With features like SD card storage, Wi-Fi connectivity, inbuilt mic and speaker, wide angle coverage, easy to use and many more options, the IP cameras are here to stay.

Easy access to images

  • The main advantage that you enjoy when you use IP security cameras is the ease at which you can access the images
  • The IP camera will be connected to a LAN or a Wi-Fi network and therefore there is no need for any other hardware or software to see the live video feed
  • You need to have access to your internet connection to carry out a secure surveillance of your home
  • There is no way any other person not authorized to see the surveillance images will have access to the live video feed and to take extra protection you can protect the password for access through the VPN network

Storage options

The camera allows you the option of recording, unlimited images and videos that can be stored other than the storage device. The best part about these IP surveillance systems is that you can view the live feed or even save the video recordings so that you can view it later.

Motion detection alert

The most interesting feature of the IP cameras is that it will send you email or push notifications whenever a motion is detected. The camera will send an alarming image or even a bit of video recording to your saved email address.

This feature will help to take the necessary action as quickly as possible. This way you will have total control of what is happening in your home, even if you are miles away.

Some of the other benefits that you gain by using the IP surveillance cameras are:

  • They can be moved whenever you feel like as there are no wires or hardware that you need to tinker with
  • The cost of installation will be a bit high, but you do not need to worry about other costs like extra hardware, software or surveillance system maintenance

How to configure the wireless setting of IP cameras?

If you are using the Wi-Fi IP camera for the first time, then the camera needs to be plugged into the router’s LAN port. The wireless settings also need to be configured for the camera to start its work.

  • The camera needs to be powered on and then connect it to the Ethernet through an inbuilt Ethernet switch
  • After plugging the camera, go through the setup wizard and ensure that the PC and the camera are on the same network
  • If the settings do not work, tap on the ‘Camera Settings’ option to get access to the local network IP address
  • You need to log-in using your admin password and login and then click on Maintenance, then firmware and upgrade to update the camera
  • To see if motion detection is working, visit the setup of the camera after opening the web interface
  • On the side menu, you will find the motion detection option, click on it and then click on the enable option
  • You can even specify the areas in the room where you need the camera to trigger the motion detection
  • After you have completed, you just need to click on the Save Settings option to complete motion detection setup

There are three types of networks that are used very commonly for security applications.

The wireless networks are gaining popularity these days. They make use of a broadband router or modem to connect. The connection is established through Ethernet cables.

These networks are the fastest and safest ways to connect and there will be no signal interference faced. There is a chance of the unauthorized access to the data and this can be easily prevented by the use of high-end encryption through VPN.


It is important for you to keep an eye on the right network bandwidth and the hard disk space when you are using the IP surveillance cameras. The frame rate of the video will be a deciding factor when you are looking at the storage of the recorded video signals.

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