UOKOO 360-Degree Fisheye Panoramic Network Wireless Camera Review

UOKOO 360-Degree Fisheye Panoramic Network Wireless Camera Review

The UOKOO 360-Degree Fisheye Panoramic Network Wireless Camera is another relatively decent option for anyone looking for a new IP camera. This camera has some awesome features that include night vision, two-way audio, motion detection, and a 960P HD camera.

That being said, the application that it included with the UOKOO 360-Degree Fisheye Panoramic Network Wireless Camera has been reported to have its fair share of issues, which is a shame considering the fantastic hardware associated with this camera. I’ll talk more about this a bit later.


Super Wide View Angle

360-Degree panoramic view angle with 1/3” fisheye Lens, no blind area, see the entire room in stunning HD video quality during the day or at night (with Night Vision). 960P HD Video format: 1280×1024(1.3MP) Resolution with genuine color by H.264 compression format.

Motion Detection

Get informed about every movement in your house via phone push notification or store the alert pictures on Micro SD. The motion detection sensors ‘feel’ it when something is moving in the room and will let you know immediately. Perfect for surveillance.

Night Vision and Two-Way Audio

Night vision up to 16-feet – never miss a moment, day or night, with visibility up to 16 feet in complete darkness. Communicate with family, friends and your pets on mobile devices. Talk to camera or listen to camera, there is no distance to communicate with anyone.

Simple and Easy Mobile Wi-Fi Setup

Quick Wi-Fi setup via iOS or Android Smartphone using supplied APP. Remote access to the camera on Smartphone via your mobile 4G network or Wi-Fi.

Advanced Video Recording

Record, store and review footage using a Micro SD card (up to 128G) and manage directly from your mobile device. Alert pictures will be stored on the SD card, and you can playback the videos on your phone.


The first great perk of the UOKOO camera is its unique two-way audio system. This essentially means that you can hear audio via the camera, but you can also communicate through the camera in an intercom-style way.

Many IP cameras on the market lack any audio capabilities at all, so in my opinion, this is a great perk for anyone looking for audio capabilities in their camera. The camera itself also includes an app that you can use on iOS or Android, allowing you 24/7 access to the video/audio feeds.

This camera also features a pretty nice HD camera that has a steady 960P HD (1280×1024 res), which is another big step-up from other IP cameras that only broadcast at 720P HD, and these lower-quality cameras often cost much more.

The UOKOO camera’s interface is also very user-friendly in its software and allows the feature of simultaneously downloading pictures from the app while the video is recording.


Firstly, this is a problem that is based on personal preference, but I do prefer my cameras to have a 1080P resolution. That being said, anything at 720P or above will technically be fine for surveillance; more is obviously better, though.

The next con, which is arguably the biggest of the UOKOO camera, is that the app included, called “IPC360”, is allegedly terribly supported and fails to work on many occasions.

This is very worrisome because most users will look forward to being able to instantly access their surveillance feed, but the app itself, while “easy to use”, feels extremely barren, under-supported, and is filled with issues like not letting users log-on, lack of information in the manual, not being able to register the camera via wi-fi (must use LTE), and apparently has quite a few compatibility issues with

Apple’s iOS 10 operating system software that won’t let it run smoothly more often than not. The general feeling about this camera, and its biggest issue, is that the hardware is great but the software leaves quite a bit to be desired.


The UOKOO 360-Degree HD camera is good camera that does have its fair share of performance issues, particularly regarding the application that comes with it. Unfortunately, the app that comes with this program has gotten quite a few scathing reviews from confirmed buyers complaining that it almost never works.

However, while users have reported quite a few problems with the software, many others are saying that they haven’t had a bad experience.

If you’re willing to risk that this product will perform well for you in spite of negative reviews, then consider this camera. However, if you’re an extremely cautious consumer, you’d probably do well to look for a different camera.

If you’re extremely savvy with technology and know your way around applications and the different problems that can occur when setting it up, you should be able to set this camera system up well. It’s just a shame that the software has issues because the hardware inside the camera itself is extremely well-engineered.

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