The Best IP Camera for Baby Monitoring Roundup

The Best IP Camera for Baby Monitoring Roundup

You know the saying that we all want the best for our babies. From food to clothing, we only think and choose the best. This does not exclude baby monitoring devices. You know how parents tend to be overprotective especially during the early ages of childhood.

That is why we round up the best IP camera for baby monitoring. This article will give you an idea of what to use for your home whether you are expecting or already have your little bundle of joy.

The Best IP Camera for Baby Monitoring: Top Three Picks

FREDI Baby Monitor

First on our list is the FREDI Baby Monitor. With its unique and cute shape, it will surely blend in with your nursery. It is effortless to use and set up.

You only need to download the app, connect via WiFi, and start using it. The app is available both at the Google Play store and the Apple store.

Regarding scope, the FREDI has a 185-degree angle that allows ample viewing. If you want it in your nursery, just prop it at the corner, and it can view the whole room with ease.

Some parents cannot afford to stay at home all the time. If you are at work, then you will be glad to know that this baby monitor has a motion detection sensor.

It detects movements, takes a photo and sends it directly to your phone. This could be a good way to monitor who comes and goes during the day while you are at work.

As for the photos, it would not be as useful if you just see blurry and not so vivid pictures. Thank heavens that the FREDI’s baby monitor takes explicit images that will not make your head hurt. It also produces 1080P high definition videos.

We all know how parents get excited and enthusiastic about their babies. They would take hundreds of photos and record hours of footage to document as many memories as they can. The question that is on everyone’s mind is space.

Where would you store all the photos and videos? Good thing that FREDI’s baby monitor has a 128GB capacity. It is a pretty large storage space for a quaint little camera.

Aside from having a quality baby monitoring device, we also need to consider the service and warranty. You can breathe a sigh of relief as this product has a 90-day return policy and a whopping 12 months free warranty. They provide excellent after sales service too.


  • Wide angle lens
  • Compatibility with Android and iOS smartphones
  • Great customer and after sales service
  • Great shape and look
  • Large storage space
  • Infrared night vision for nighttime use


  • It can only be viewed on mobile and not desktop.


Next on our list is from LEMFO. You will be enthralled by its adorable shape and size. Similar to a panda, the LEMFO WiFi IP Camera has a range of features.

It has night vision so that you can efficiently use it to monitor your baby at night. It also has a 365-degree viewing angle which is fully adjustable.

Whether you want to turn it up, down or sideward or even rotate, it is possible with this device. You can get the best views with the use of this IP camera. You can take beautiful candid photos with it, too.

One of the pains of being away from home is that you cannot interact with your baby. The lovely thing about this device is that it enables you to talk or chat even when you are not at home.

No need to feel so far away when you can communicate with your baby. It has clear audio and good visual, so it feels like you are just next to your baby even when you are miles away.

As a parent, you will tend to check on your baby constantly. This can be possible with the use of LEMFO’s remote baby monitoring.

You just need to download the app and type the device ID and password. After which, you can now coo and fuss while watching the live feed.


  • Two-way audio and chat-enabled
  • Remote viewing
  • Wide angle lens and fully adjustable
  • Adorable design
  • Night vision capability


  • Only 720P videos

KeeKoon 1080P IP Camera

Last on our list is the KeeKoon IP Camera. This sleek looking camera comes in black and white. Aside from its basic function as a monitoring device, you will be happy to know that it is loaded with features.

Monitoring during the night or on dim lighting is cumbersome. Good thing the KeeKoon IP camera has nice specifications. It is equipped with 10 IR LED lights that make the picture quality vivid.

It is also equipped with a 2.0MP camera for photos. However, if you are in awe that this KeeKoon IP camera produces photos, then you will be more surprised that it can produce videos in three resolutions. The best of it all is the 1080P, but it can also produce VGA and QVGA.

When it comes to audio, this KeeKoon product has the capacity for two-way audio. It transmits clear sounds and nice audio quality. As for the viewing angle, it has an impressive 360-degree range.

It can do a 340-degree horizontal and 90-degree vertical angle for viewing. These are pretty decent specifications for a baby monitoring camera.


  • 360-degree wide angle range
  • 1080P video resolution
  • Two-way audio function
  • Provides push notifications and alerts for motion detection
  • Wired or wireless options


  • Sleek design may not be appealing to babies
  • High price point

The Verdict

Now that we have discussed three items’ features, cons, and pros, it is time to round up and decide which you think is the best IP camera for baby monitoring—the one that fits your needs and preferences.

All of the products mentioned above are accessible through an app. This makes it easy to use and set up.

If you want something quirky and adorable for your babies, then the design of the LEMFO and FREDI can appeal to you. If you are looking for something more classic but with high video resolution, then KeeKoon’s is your best bet.

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