TENVIS HD IP Camera Review

TENVIS HD IP Camera Review

When you want to add an extra layer of security to your house or business, or you want to keep track on your kids then the proper choice will be to get yourself a nice IP camera. These devices are pretty easy to install and use, and most of them come with a dedicated app so you can follow any possible activity through your phone or computer.

The IP cameras today come with many capabilities like day and night vision, motion detection, alarm, Wi-Fi connectivity, two-way audio signal, improved resolution and more.

Why choose an IP camera?

The IP camera is a digital video camera, similar to the web camera on your laptop, and uses Internet Protocol to send and receive data. The most prominent use of the IP camera is in surveillance.

By installing a nice IP camera in a suitable location in your home, you can easily see and get notifications on who comes in and out of your home, and if you have small children or some very naughty pets, you will be able to keep track on their daily shenanigans.

Once installed, the IP camera can be accessed through different devices and you will be able to watch the video even if you are not at home. And the good thing with the wireless IP camera – you can change its location according to your needs.

TENVIS HD Wireless IP Camera

A solid and affordable option for a surveillance IP camera for your home is the TENVIS HD Wireless IP Camera. This nice little gadget is designed to be both functional and beautiful. This security camera works via Wi-Fi connectivity and has the one-click option for easy installation, facilitating the overall user experience.

Paired with an app, with this nice little product you get a view of your home at both during the day and at night. So if you care for an elderly person and need to often check on them, or have small kids or pets, or want to check security in your home or business, this is the option for you.


We have mentioned to most important features that an IP camera should possess and now let’s dive into explaining the major features of the TENVIS HD Wireless IP Camera.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Optional LAN connectivity
  • Two-way audio communication
  • HD 1280×720 resolution for clear images
  • Night vision up to 32 feet
  • Smart alarm with phone or email notification
  • Motion detection technology
  • iMega Cam free app
  • 24/7 recording on SD card
  • Supports up to 128GB SD card
  • Pan and tilt action to cover 340 degrees horizontally and 105 degrees vertically
  • One-year Warranty on parts


The TENVIS HD Wireless IP Camera offers some great pros that can be of great help to you:

  • Good quality video
  • Good quality audio
  • Point the camera through its app
  • Compatible with Android, IOS


There is no perfect product, and this gadget has some cons:

  • Has issues with complex wireless passwords
  • IR night vision only works in close range
  • Diminished capabilities in unstable networks

When looking at the price of this gadget and the many positive features, you can rest assured that you will get a proper wireless IP security camera. It is capable of two-way audio that you can use to talk to through the app on your phone. This IP camera can be also used as a pet or a kid monitor and you can follow the activities of the pets or kids when you are not at home.

The motion detection technology helps the security and you will get a phone or email notification if something moves in front of the camera. You can save the image on your phone for later reference should a burglar be caught on camera.

The camera is mounted on a swivel mechanism and it can rotate 340 degrees horizontally and 105 degrees vertically, the rotation is guided via the app on your smartphone. This means that the TENVIS HD IP Camera can see a very wide angle and almost no blind spot is left.

The installation is super easy via the “Sound Wave Smart Connection” that enables one-click configuration for the Wi-Fi. The recording can be started and stopped via the app on your smartphone (when connected to a stable network).


When looking at IP cameras, there are many, many options out there. However, we have looked over these and found that the main competition to the TENVIS HD Wireless IP Camera is the YI Dome Wireless IP Camera.

The YI Dome Wireless IP Camera has the same resolution as the TENVIS HD Wireless IP Camera, the two-way audio signal, the option for real-time notifications, night vision and a convenient user-friendly app.

The YI Dome Wireless IP camera is also mounted on a tilt and swivel mechanism and has a slightly bigger angle of movement: 345 degrees horizontally and 115 degrees vertical motion. This camera has the option for motion tracking and auto cruise. The YI Dome also allows the use of the YI Cloud accessible by subscription.

However, the YI Dome is not supported on Windows phones and can have some issues with the software. You will have to look for a US version of this IP camera or go with the TENVIS HD Wireless IP Camera.

To sum up

To increase the security factor of your home and get some peace of mind, you can install a nice IP security camera. The tracking of the activity of your kids or pets, while having an almost complete view of the room with the motion detection notifications has never been easier.

You do not have to pay a monthly subscription, or to have extensive knowledge in electronics – just get yourself a TENVIS HD Wireless IP Camera and follow the simple and easy installation and setup process and you are ready. Get connected to your smartphone via its dedicated iMega Cam app and always have an eye on your home.

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