SV3C Wireless Security Camera Review

SV3C Wireless Security Camera Review

There are a wide variety of IP cameras available for both home and building use. Whether you are looking for one personally or professionally, putting in a good amount of research is necessary due to the fact that security remains the priority.

Here, we will help you determine whether or not the SV3C Wireless Security Camera is a good addition to your arsenal of security devices. We will examine factors such as app performance, recording quality, remote camera control and more in this in depth analysis of this specific product.

Take a look, especially if you are considering purchasing the SV3C IP camera.


  • Wireless setup
  • Records in 1080P video quality
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Picks up on motion detection and signals alarm
  • Night vision technology
  • Compatible with 64G SD cards
  • Night vision records activity occurring in distances of up to 20 meters


  • Records high quality facial recognition
  • Aluminum casing makes camera great for outdoor use
  • Somewhat water resistant, although not fully water submersible
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Fully capable of picking up various levels of motion detection
  • Compatible to be used alongside micro SD cards
  • Power adapter is waterproof


  • Instruction manual could be more detailed and comprehensive
  • Has trouble in some instances connecting to WiFi


The SV3C Camera covers the bare essentials that anyone seeking out and IP camera would wish for. If you’re looking for a basic IP system, then this may be the right route for you.

Due to the fact that minimal wires are required, and the camera can be operated remotely, adding a level of user convenience to this system. It is also fully capable of recording in a variety of weather conditions, and can record night-vision smoothly. SD cards up to 64 gigs can be used to store recorded data alongside this camera.

Additionally, this IP camera records facial recognition at a high rate of clarity. If perpetrators were to enter your property, you would have no problem identifying facial recognition at any time of day.

No matter if it is dusk or dawn, this camera is capable of picking up on activity. If you are looking for a camera that can pick up on night activity exclusively, then it can certainly be used to do so.


Another good camera worth taking a look at is the Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD 1080p IP Camera. This camera seems to provide everything that the SV3C provides, and then some.

It is essentially a beefed-up IP security camera system with similar, yet upgraded features.

The Amcrest also records in 1080P and is capable of picking up high-quality facial recognition. It is compatible with micro SD cards if you intend to import or save your security footage.

One distinguishing feature between this camera and the SV3C is the fact that it is capable of two-way audio delivery. This means, that messages can be transmitted between those who are both near the camera, and the camera controller him/herself.

The Amcrest IP Camera is also easy to set up and get running. Not only are just a few wires required, but the camera installation process requires minimal time.

Those who are non-technically minded should have no trouble setting up this camera with the help of either the app or the instruction manual.


Overall, the SV3C seems to be a capable IP security camera with up and downsides. It does provide the minimum of what those seeking IP camera security are after, but it doesn’t necessarily go above and beyond that.

There are certainly better IP setups available out there, and this is intended to be an objective review. If you want the bare essentials for your home security setup, then you may in fact be pleased.

But if you’re looking for a security system that truly delivers, then this may not be the camera for you.

The SV3C also seems to be quite pairable with modern technology. This makes it a good security measure for modern technology users.

The platforms app is quite extensive, informative, and customer service representatives appear to have all the information needed at hand. Although the instruction manual is slightly vague, the information necessary to install this IP camera can be found elsewhere.

The installation process is also minimal. This camera, like many modern IP cameras, requires minimal setup with regards to wires.

This adds to the cameras largely waterproof nature, and also makes it safe for families with children. A lesser amount of wiring also contributes to how easy the camera is to set up and get running.

This camera is also capable of picking up on a large amount of motion detection. It’s a security camera, and it should certainly perform in that sense, which it does.

What’s significant about this device is the fact that it is capable of picking up on motion and activity in low-light scenarios. In doing so, the camera deserves recognition in the fact that it is able to deliver high-resolution imagery in these low light situations, something that analog cameras of the past were never capable of.

This camera is also very compatible with modern technology. Those who are tech-savvy will have no problem controlling this device remotely from the convenience of their phone.

Smartphone users have power over just about every aspect of this IP camera. This adds to the potential of the device in general. It is useful that transmissions between the user’s phone and the camera’s speaker system can be performed. Important messages therefore have the potential of being relayed.

Depending upon the scenario, this can be quite useful. For example, with security intrusion scenarios set aside, if one has kids they are able to communicate with them simply from their phone.

If a high-security situation were to arise, then the user can also relay messages in this instance as well. This adds a tremendous level of safety that ultimately propels the SV3C into the category of being a sufficient security system.

Depending upon your individual situation, night-vision may be something that you’re also after. With 20m of night-vision capability, this camera can certainly handle picking up high resolution images from such distances.

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