LEFTEK IP Camera 720P Network IP Camera Review

LEFTEK IP Camera 720P Network IP Camera Review

Are you looking to enhance your home security by installing surveillance cameras in your house? Do you feel that you need to add extra surveillance for your home so that you can watch what is happening at your home even from remote locations?

Well, the advancements in technology have made a lot of changes to the security cameras and they are not the old type of cameras anymore. These days the surveillance cameras come with a host of features to offer live video feed of your home on your computer screen, no matter you are miles away from your home.

The best internet protocol camera that you can install in your home to secure your homes and watch what is happening in your home when you are away is the LEFTEK IP Camera 720P Network IP Camera.

This is the ideal camera to install in your homes if you are worried about the health of your aged parents and you cannot live with them. These cameras are a must of every homeowner who is worried about what his or her baby is doing or what their peers are doing.

The best part is that the unit has a built-in speaker and microphone so that you can carry out communication with the people in the home. You also get to record the happenings on the TF card and watch it later on your mobile by making use of the mobile app.


The following are some of the key features of the LEFTEK IP Camera 720P Network IP Camera that makes it a popular IP security camera.

  • The camera has 720P high-resolution lens that will offer very good and clear images as well as video recordings
  • The video can be stored on an SD card that can be played back whenever you want
  • The camera has an IR LED night vision that can cover up to 32 feet in the dark
  • The camera has a wider angle of 270 degrees horizontal and 80 degrees vertical tilt
  • It has motion alerts feature that will help in knowing where your baby or pet is moving
  • Use view app to connect to your phone, computer or tablet
  • Inbuilt microphone and speaker to start voice communication between the camera sides and APP
  • Whenever the camera detects a motion, it will record a small video and send notification of the same to your phone
  • An advanced mobile app that is compatible with Android and iOS systems


  • Sleek design and looks great both on the interior and the exterior
  • Motion detection intimation on phone through push and email notifications
  • Converse with people in the room through mic and speaker even if you are far away
  • High-quality video images
  • The camera can be controlled remotely to move up, down, left, and right
  • Take snapshots and videos instantly
  • Baby and pet monitor is very easy
  • The video shifts to IR night vision automatically when light is poor
  • Very quick to install and also very easy to use
  • One-year full warranty


  • Instructions are a bit complicated
  • The low light sensor is fussy


The LEFTEK IP Camera 720P Network IP Camera is one of the best motion sensing and baby monitoring camera that you can install in your homes to keep an eye on everything that takes place when you are not at home. This is an ideal camera to install in homes where there are small babies and pets and moms want to see what their baby is up to when she is busy in the kitchen.

The unit is very sleek in design and will not spoil the look of our interiors. It is very easy to set up and the live video feed from the cameras can be watched on up to 5 devices at the same time. You can get an almost 360-degree view of your room through this camera and you have the option of controlling the camera from remote locations.

Once the camera senses a motion, it will send email or push notifications to your phone or computer about the motion. It also features a built-in mic and speaker so that you can establish a two-way communication. This will also help you to hear what the conversation is taking place in your home.

This camera offers a host of features that you can only find in the high-end surveillance IP cameras. This is why LEFTEK IP Camera 720P Network IP Camera is one of the best IP cameras on a low budget.


To know how well a security IP camera works, it needs to be compared with two other cameras that have more or less the same functions and price. Here, we compare the LEFTEK IP Camera 720P Network IP Camera with LeFun 720p Wireless Surveillance Camera and the SANNCE HD 720P Mini Wireless IP Camera.

The LeFun IP camera offers just about all the feature like Wi-Fi connectivity, 720P high-resolution lens, motion detection alarm, high-quality images, etc., that is offered on the surveillance camera that we are studying in detail. But, this camera carried a higher price tag of more than $10.

The SANNCE HD 720P Mini Wireless IP Camera is a camera that is priced a little bit less than the LEFTEK IP camera. It offers more or less the same features, but lacks the consistency and the quality of images that LEFTEK offers. It will not be able to offer quality night vision coverage like LEFTEK.


From the above comparison, it is clear that the LEFTEK IP camera is the best out of the three. It offers very good quality video images and motion detection alarm to give you complete peace of mind by letting you see what is happening in your home even when you are thousands of miles away.

You can tilt or pan the camera in your home on your mobile phone from a remote location to get a vision of the area that you would like to see.

With features like multi-device connectivity at one go, 720P HD resolution camera, 360-degree camera rotation, video recording on MicroSD card, auto switch to IR LED in low light, lifetime warranty, easy to install and set up, plug and play feature, attractive pricing, the LEFTEK IP Camera 720P Network IP Camera is the best for baby monitoring and for surveillance of your homes.

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