HooToo Indoor Security Camera with HD Video Streaming Review

HooToo Indoor Security Camera with HD Video Streaming Review

When you are searching for your first innovative security camera system, it is important that you know what is available on the market, and how each product stacks up against the others. Find sites online that can assist you in making an informed decision about each system you are evaluating for purchase since these systems can vary greatly one from another.

Read the product reviews from people who have actually bought and used the product, since their experiences can tell a lot about the product.

To help you begin your search for the IP indoor security camera that will best suit your needs, we have provided a review of the HooToo Indoor Security Camera with HD Video Streaming (Upgrade Version), Surveillance Wi-Fi IP Baby/Nanny/Pet Monitor, PIR Night Vision Mode; Easy Setup, Support iOS/Android Devices.


  • Device is said to be extremely easy to set up. Therefore, you will not make any errors with IP or network settings because the installation process and using the camera is simply a matter of scanning the QR code which will give you the access that you need to live footage
  • HD image quality is great since it has been designed to record 1280 x 720p videos any time during the day or night
  • You have the capability to save the videos you record to a 32GB SD card
  • Once the videos have been saved, you can view your videos via the cloud
  • Made with full PTZ controls (i.e. 320° pan, 120° tilt, and 4x digital zoom). Therefore, you can monitor every inch of your office, home, dorm, or other places that require this kind of security measure
  • Night vision included for night hour screening
  • Comes with a built-in microphone and speaker that allows you to communicate with others within a certain proximity to the camera
  • Antenna is provided so that it can increase the connection rate; you can broadcast high-quality footage whenever it is required. This high-quality footage will also go directly to your computers, Apple iOS or Android device


  • You can produce videos and two-way audio with virtually no lag, which is a key requirement for people who want to use it for baby-monitoring purposes
  • Provides you with motion alerts since has the built-in capability that will automatically record and take snapshots of what is going on in the area in which you are most concerned about
  • You have the capability to store your footage locally via your own SD card. This is an advantage for those who want to store it in an easy-to-find place with a 32 GB capacity
  • User has cloud access that works very well via HooToo
  • Camera live viewing capabilities from remote locations
  • Motion will trigger the video recordings
  • Ease in set up. All you have to do is simply plug in the camera and then connect it to your router with an Ethernet cable, and it is quickly configured
  • The quality of the videos and the snapshots are very high and you have the option of choosing among several resolutions


  • Consumers complain about the lack of having an intuitive manual, so it takes longer for them to find the best ways to record motion triggers
  • This device does NOT record to a site natively, so you will have to hide it from hackers so that they do not steal data


Overall, HooToo Indoor Security Camera with HD Video Streaming is a great choice for those who are looking for equipment that they can use to record various kinds of activities remotely. There are loads of features included in this product that you can benefit greatly from using.

However, there are some negatives to making this purchase too, one of which involves the lack of instructions provided by the manufacturer to follow through with certain features. All in all, however, most consumers are recommending it to others for their use.

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