FREDI Wireless Security Camera: Personal Surveillance Made Easy

FREDI Wireless Security Camera: Personal Surveillance Made Easy

Taking care of one’s valuables and data has never been easier because security-industry solutions are currently being at an all-time high. Biometrics have brought new levels of safety for personal data, but that’s a solution that’s only applicable to digital devices. It’s still tough to find a cheap and reliable way of increasing a household’s safety.

Other than opting for alarm systems and third-party security companies, there are a handful of things that someone could do to keep their valuables and loved ones in a more controlled environment. The most efficient and inexpensive choice is to set up an IP security cameras or networks. This allows the user to keep an eye on their personal items 24/7. These cameras are reliable, easy to setup and often versatile, making them valuable purchases.

If you are planning to have one, have a look at the detailed FREDI Wireless Security Camera review below.


  • 720p video quality
  • iOS and Android compatible app interface
  • IP65 weatherproof design
  • Motion-triggered recording and alert system
  • Connects via Ethernet or WiFi 2.4GHz networks


  • Good quality recordings
  • Weatherproof; friendly to install outside (if legal in user’s region)
  • Easy to set up and use
  • WiFi and Ethernet connections supported
  • Has an iOS and Android compatible app for navigating through the camera’s settings
  • Has motion-triggered recording and alerts


  • Doesn’t feature facial recognition systems
  • The instruction manual does not give too much helpful information.


Diving a bit deeper into the specs of this camera, it’s pretty obvious to see why it’s a good choice for people who want to start setting up a surveillance system. First off, it’s pretty easy to install. The camera features both Ethernet and WiFi connectivity.

After being supplied with power, the camera can either be connected to the WiFi network via the smartphone app or by using an Ethernet cable. While Ethernet connections are undoubtedly more stable, a 2.4GHz connection is easier and more stealthy, meaning that the camera will be less likely to be spotted and quicker to install.

The design is pretty standard, like the classic CCTV camera, with an arm attached for mounting on ceilings and some IR sensors in the front, all placed around the actual lens. It also features two antennas used for streaming data to and from the wireless router.

The camera is IP65-weatherproof rated, meaning that it can withstand somewhat harsh environments, functioning between temperatures of -10 and +50 degrees Celsius. Obviously, there are a lot of regions in the world where the lows and highs often exceed these limits, so it’s essential for the potential buyer to know this.

Video Quality

It supports 720p-video quality recordings. This means that, while the video doesn’t provide the sharpness of full or ultra HD content, it does make for a decent viewing experience. Note that 720p video is okay for recording elements that take place in the vicinity of the camera, but for bigger distances, 1080p is the better option.

Nevertheless, 720p translates into smaller video files, which means that the user can opt for lesser storage solutions. Furthermore, it is perfect for homes and has good, but limited, use in outdoor environments. It’s probably the best resolution for small surveillance systems and works great as a high-quality baby or pet monitor.


Storage is a crucial aspect that one must keep in mind when shopping for IP cameras since it directly impacts their usability. There are several options with regards to storage, but the FREDI Wireless Security Camera comes with the easiest, expandable storage. It supports SD card memory expansion for up to 128 gigs.

128 gigs of memory is quite a lot, especially when taking into account the fact that the camera won’t go and capture footage 24/7. Also, the video quality and frame rate can be changed in order to use the available storage better.

The Good and the Bad

The camera comes with a feature set that makes it a good pick for people who aren’t that well acquainted with technology in general. The only drawback to installing it is that the provided manual isn’t very helpful, and users have to rely on intuition and third-party instructions in order to set it up. That being said, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials on how to install and use the camera.

Moving on to its features, it comes with motion alerts and recording. This means that, when the camera’s sensor detects motion in the surveilled area, it will send the user an email notification and start recording and storing the video and audio.

This is especially good when people use it as an indoor monitor since it will trigger only when movement is registered within a tiny area. On the outdoors, every passing person or animal will trigger the sensor and send a notification, which might get annoying in densely populated areas.


While it’s already established that the FREDI Wireless Security Camera is an overall good product, there are other market alternatives. Users should take their time and go through all of the market solutions before making their final choice. Thus, it’s important to see how the FREDI camera compares to another popular IP camera.

The Zmodo Wireless Security Camera, for instance, is a similarly priced IP camera that comes with comparable features. It also shoots in 720p video, has the same overall interface, but Zmodo is forcing their clients to opt for their cloud storage solutions with the camera purchases.

The camera comes with a six-month free trial, but it’s unusable the minute the trial expires, provided the user doesn’t subscribe to the cloud storage services. This locks the user into an impossible decision, and a lot of entry-level buyers aren’t even familiar with the “cloud storage” term.

This makes the FREDI Wireless Security Camera an overall better choice since it features the same spec sheet and allows its users to choose their own method of storage.


While it’s definitely not the best or clearest camera on the market, the FREDI Wireless Security Camera shoots great 720p videos, making it ideal for entry-level users.

It comes with an easy-to-use interface, is fairly simple to install, and has support for up to 128GB of storage via an SD card. It’s an overall good product with some solid features that make it useful in both indoor and outdoor environments.

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