Finding The Best IP Camera

Finding The Best IP Camera

IP cameras are beneficial for a number of reasons. Not only are they more versatile technologically than traditional analog cameras, but they are easily paired and synced with modern devices.

On top of that, they can add a tremendous layer of safety in our lives. Because of the fact that footage can be seen directly, rather than through the help of a DVR feed, the user now has more access to what is being recorded.

Here, we will take a look at several different IP cameras, and arrive at a conclusion in terms of which one is best.

Safevant 1080p HD Wifi Security Camera


  • Night-vision ready
  • Capable of rotating 360 degrees
  • Potential for a wide range of panning/tilting capturing methods
  • Digital zoom up to 8X
  • AR Lens can record footage at 1080p quality
  • Downloadable app which allows Android or iOS users to receive footage to their phones or desktop
  • Cloud encryption to ensure that footage remains seen only by the user
  • Two-way talking system, so that messages can be transmitted between the user and those who are near the camera
  • 360 degree audio reception


  • Very clear imagery
  • Lens rotation allows for a wide variety of footage to be captured
  • Easy, minimal wire and time installation


  • Has some compatibility issues with 5G devices
  • Instructions for setup purposes could be slightly more detailed
  • Has issues connecting to Wi-Fi in certain cases

KAMTRON Wireless Security Camera


  • 62 degree viewing angle
  • App available to download for remote control and viewing
  • Capable of 2 way audio transmission
  • Camera designed to sense various levels of motion detection
  • Receive app alerts for certain levels of activity
  • HD quality recording for maximum facial recognition


  • Allows users to remotely keep in touch with activity near where the camera is setup
  • If placed in a corner, 360° is not required as it will capture everything in the vicinity
  • Easy setup


  • 62 degree viewing angle (depending on your preferences, this can be either sufficient or not enough)
  • Has some compatibility trouble with 5G
  • Non-wireless system
  • App features very little customer support and has a tendency to crash
  • Panning feature can be slightly slow

Foscam R2 1080p HD Wifi Security Camera


  • Records in 1080p
  • IOS and Android friendly
  • Capable of panning and tilting from a remote location
  • Two way audio system for both receiving and sending audible transmissions
  • Capable of performing remote zooming


  • Retain the ability to never miss a single moment with 24/7 recording
  • Access the camera’s feed remotely anytime anywhere
  • Inconspicuous design makes camera somewhat hard to detect
  • Push notifications detailing any suspicious activity can be sent directly to smartphone users
  • Footage can be recorded onto a memory card
  • Firmware updates are continually and readily available


  • The mobile app is in some regards poorly developed
  • Instruction manual is somewhat vague
  • Reviewing footage within the app itself appears to not be an option


Each of the cameras previously mentioned feature a variety of pros and cons. For those looking to upgrade their security system, hopefully some of the above-mentioned criteria will help you hone in on a specific device.

As security is the number one priority, here we will determine which of the following 3 prevail. Although there are certainly better and worse devices out there for those looking for a security system, here we will be focusing on that which has already been mentioned.

The Safevant Security Camera earns the top spot on this list. This is so, for a wide variety of reasons that should not be overlooked by the potential consumer looking for a good IP camera.

As the level of security should always be what is most important, the Safevant seems to have an edge over the other two cameras, will be elaborated upon here.

Firstly, the Safevant is the only camera on the list that is capable of 360 degree rotation while recording. You may have a specific location in mind where you wish to place your IP camera that would not require 360 degrees of rotation.

If this is the case, then more power to you. But you may come upon a scenario where 360° of rotation is necessary. Having that added potential with regards to one’s security camera is good to know in general.

However, consumers of the other two IP cameras will be forced to deal with the possibility of not being able to record in a 360-degree manner if the situation were to arise.

On top of that, the Safevant also seems to have the best app among all the other IP camera contestants. Many consumers are drawn to IP cameras for the simple fact that they are compatible with their smartphones.

If one were to experience difficulty navigating or using IP camera apps, then this is a major drawback. Both the KAMTRON and the Foscam seem to provide users with some trouble with regards to their app designs. These difficulties in app navigation make it hard for either product to rank as #1.

On top of that, they both lack in the customer service arena. Although the setup of these cameras does appear to be simple, many users have further questions that require the assistance of technicians.

The Safevant package, on the other hand, seems to provide an app that encompasses the full range of assistance that may be required for not only set up but operation of your IP camera. If the other two devices were to upgrade the level of customer service and app performance in the future, then they may be able to compete with Safevant.

Until then, not having necessary information at your disposal when it comes to security systems is a major flaw.

Another downside to both the KAMTRON and the Foscam is the fact that they require a more extensive wireless set-up than the Safevant. With regards to IP cameras, many of us find minimal wire requirements to be alluring.

This is simply not the case with the other two products on this list. Both of them require more wires to use than the Safevant, which is the quickest and easiest setup.

All in all, at least on this product list the Safevant IP camera is the go-to device. It’s 360 degree rotating recording feature, combined with minimal setup and a easy to use extensive app make it a great addition to any home or building security arsenal.

Also, the fact that it records in 1080P and has an 8x digital Zoom capability doesn’t hurt. Facial recognition, even during night vision settings, is usually no issue with this camera.

That, in conjunction with remote viewing and remote camera adjustments, make this IP camera a quite capable security device.

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