Best IP Surveillance Cameras: Guardians of the Property

Best IP Surveillance Cameras: Guardians of the Property

In a world wherein privacy is becoming a bigger and more important part of people’s lives, taking a few extra measures to achieve it is the best way to go.

Strong passwords, secured WiFi connections, using VPNs—they’re all great ways of keeping sensitive data safe from those that would profit from having them. However, valuables can’t be safely stored on a computer drive. Owning the best IP surveillance camera is a great way for someone to get a big bump in security at a somewhat modest price.

The ability to have eyes on one’s belongings is amazing and very easily achievable nowadays. IP surveillance cameras are easy to set up, require little to no maintenance and are great tools to protect one’s valuables and privacy.

They can also be used for checking up on loved ones and communication, provided that the converters are running more than one camera, adding more to the depth of their functionality.

Below are three IP surveillance cameras that you can consider.

VStarcam C92s Indoor Security Cam

The first product on this roundup is the VStarcam Indoor Security Cam, a well-designed, fully fledged IP surveillance camera. It features a 1080p-capable lens, delivering high-resolution image quality to the user’s smartphone. It also has a somewhat inconspicuous design, making it great for acting as a security camera or just a simple way to check on loved ones.

The camera functions over a smartphone app, which is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows 8 or higher devices. It connects to the internet via WiFi or Ethernet landline network, giving the user a complete set of options. This particular camera comes in both white and black variants, with a glossy finish which makes it easy to blend in most households.

The device has to be configured via the app to send alerts and video signal to the smartphone of choice. Upon pairing the two, the user can stream the video-audio signal to their phone. In addition, the camera also passively checks for movement, alerting the user via email when something’s out of order.

Using the somewhat clunky app, the user can switch the camera’s angle, which does have a 360 rotation, allowing the person monitoring to get a full view of the room or outdoor environment. By default, the camera comes with a mounting bracket, a charger, and an ethernet cable.

The 1080p-feed makes for a great viewing experience, giving the user crystal-clear images to see every little nook and cranny on the monitored area. The real drawback with the camera is the fact that the IR sensor doesn’t really provide the best viewing experience during nighttime. Furthermore, this lacks facial recognition, so those who own pets might get constant alerts because of spontaneous movement.


  • Great lens
  • Great overall design
  • Complete package with a mounting bracket and a cable


  • App feels clunky
  • Night vision and sensor don’t work properly

VStarcam 720P Pan Tilt Home Camera

Another product from VStarcam, the 720P Pan Tilt Home Camera is very similar in features and functionality to its bigger 1080p version. All of the main strengths and weaknesses remain the same, the only real difference being a step down in video quality.

Keeping things in the same tone, all of the functionality is still there. Through the app, the user can manage up to four different cameras, creating a somewhat complete security system. It’s important to mention that some countries don’t allow their residents to install surveillance cameras in the outdoors without approval from the local city hall. In these cases, it’s recommended for users to place the cameras at key entrance points in their homes.

The lack of facial recognition on both the 1080p and 720p model can make using these home cameras pretty annoying. Facial recognition-equipped home cameras don’t alert the user when a familiar face pops up in the image. This means that the user will receive constant updates and notifications when the camera’s sensor detects movement, creating all sorts of inconveniences.

That being said, for people who don’t own pets, these problems will disappear completely, making the VStarcam a very functional and well-designed camera. It’s only real drawbacks are the lack of a better app and a pretty non-functioning night vision mode.


  • Four individuals can view the camera through the app at the same time
  • Easy to set up and operate


  • Does not support 5G network connections
  • Absence of a facial recognition feature

M Way 1080P HD Wireless Security Camera

The last entry on this list comes from M Way, a seasoned optics and wireless device manufacturer and vendor. The M Way 1080p-HD Wireless security camera is an all-around, well-designed product, with some cool key features that make it stand out.

This product is a bit different in terms of functionality. However, regarding the lens, it works pretty much as any other 1080p camera would, providing crisp and clear video footages, both for stored content and live feed. Here’s where it gets tricky—the stored clips go in cloud storage, which is initially free but requires the user to purchase a subscription after the trial period expires.

Now, this is not a drawback per se, but it can cause inconvenience to users who like to have a hard copy handy, which can be useful in a lot of different scenarios, including legal battles. On the other hand, storing everything on the cloud gives the user unlimited video storage space and takes away the hassle of cleaning or replacing the SD card tray.

Other than that, it works with Android and iOS compatible apps, which allows the person in question to access the live feed and pan or tilt the camera angle. Also, there are some issues with the iOS version of the app, namely the inability to check the live feed via LTE connections.

The camera itself has a built-in WiFi adapter which works with 2.4GHz networks, a speaker and microphone for communicating with people close to it, and a full 360-degree rotation capability. The lens angle is a wide 120 degrees.


  • Produces a clear and crisp image
  • Camera comes with speaker and microphone, giving the user the ability to communicate with the person at the other end


  • Storing clips is done mostly over a cloud, which requires a subscription
  • The iOS app doesn’t function as intended

Best IP Surveillance Camera: The Verdict

All three presented products are some solid choices for the best IP surveillance camera title, but it’s pretty clear that the VStarcam C92s Indoor Security Cam takes the cake. While the app is somewhat clunky and frustrating at times, it does work. The lens is high quality and provides the user with HD streaming quality, with SD card support for storage purposes.

The app can simultaneously connect to four different cameras; thus giving the users the ability to set up a true surveillance network, whether it’s for monitoring or security purposes.

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