Are IP Cameras Secure?

Are IP Cameras Secure?

IP Cameras have replaced CCTVs because they are technically exactly like your CCTV only that it has more features because it allows connectivity. Connectivity is a great thing.

With IP Cameras, you can install your camera in a place you want to monitor and you no longer have to sit in front of the screen and wait. IP Cameras allow 24/7 surveillance anytime and anywhere.

You can be out of town, grab your phone and check how things are at the very moment at the place you want to secure. As long as there is internet, you can view. Just like CCTVs, you may record footages.

With the incorporation of internet and this connectivity feature that IP Cameras offer, there are some security issues that arose. With the advent of hackers, it’s not weird to wonder…

“What if someone taps into my system since it is connected to the internet?” We won’t beat around the bush here, we won’t deny that… Yes, there is a possibility.

As for the question “Are IP Cameras secure?”, the best answer would be: “It can be.”

In this article, we will be giving you tips on how to make sure that your IP Camera is secure. Don’t let this possibility of being hacked or bypassed prevent you from using an IP Camera. There are always risks.

Even CCTV recordings have a risk of getting corrupted. You can outweigh the Pros and Cons and probably, the biggest Con of an IP Camera is it’s possibility to be hacked. Please note the word “possibility”. IP Cameras can help you check the situation right away so you can act on it immediately.

Some IP Cameras even have a two-way audio system. Just imagine leaving your place with a CCTV and checking on it when you return only that it’s already too late to do anything to stop the situation because it’s already done.

CCTVs could only work effectively if there are people manning the screen and watching it closely. Aside from getting people to do it and possibly paying them, there’s always that human error where they might not be really taking the job seriously.

IP Cameras can be secure if you take the necessary precautions and be wise about it. You do not need to worry.

Remember that the two most vulnerable areas in your IP Camera system is (1) your internet network, and (2) where your camera footage is being shared.

Secure your internet network. It is advisable that you have your own internet network or connection and that it is password protected. The fewer people who have access to your network, the better.

Next thing you do is to make sure that your IP Cameras are password protected. Usually, IP Cameras have a pre-loaded software. That means that the password and username are all generated by the company and is at a default.

You are safer if you change the passwords so that it’s not vulnerable to hackers. Some IP Cameras do not allow you to do this, it is better that you choose an IP Camera that has a secure password system you can customize.

Multiple users are also not recommended. If you must allow access, there must be different levels of access.

Avoid port forwarding and update your camera’s firmware. Usually it is the company that worries about it. It is still better if you ask. Always check the manufacturer’s website if in case there are any updates.

This might seem unnecessary to mention but make sure that you position your camera at a place where it is secure and private. Do not position your camera at a place where you don’t want monitored or seen like the bedroom or bathroom. Also, place your camera at a place where it is not obvious and in plain sight.

When choosing to buy your IP Camera, make sure that the seller is trusted and that the company has strict privacy and security policies. There are many things at stake here.

If you are in doubt with the company, do not buy IP Camera from them. A good company is clear on their policies and will walk you through how their IP Camera system is safe and secure for you to use.

The IP Camera can be safe and it has benefits that are definitely worth it compared to the regular CCTV. You just have to be wise about it, so with everything else in the market.

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