All Cart Wireless Surveillance System Review

All Cart Wireless Surveillance System Review

If you’re looking for a versatile camera that is both affordable, reliable, and has plenty of features without going over the top, the All Cart Wireless Surveillance System is something definitely worth checking out.

This 720P HD camera with 8x zoom and motion detection packs a pretty powerful punch, but there are some noticeable drawbacks about the All Cart Wireless Surveillance System camera that certainly need to be addressed.


  • Wireless security cameras has 720P HD video quality,350 X 100 degree covers every corner of your home. The camera itself also has 8X digital zoom, so you can make out even the smallest details.
  • Wifi security camera support remote viewing on mobile devices, the and Pan/Tilt Control Moves the camera almost anywhere you desire. The wifi camera pan angle rotation is 350 degree, and the tilt angle rotation is 100 degrees.
  • This surveillance camera automatically detects moving objects and triggers alarm.
  • Get phone push alerts notification when wifi security camera alarm is triggered
  • Infrared Night Vision, wireless camera automatically turn on in low light and in darkness
  • Home security cameras is compact and easy to use, nanny cam built-In Mic and Speak free, outdoor security cameras support Clear Two-Way Voice


Some great pros about this camera are the same pros that many other cameras have. That is to say it has standard 720P HD resolution, motion detection, infrared night vision, and two-way audio functionality.

The two-way audio functionality is particularly great because it’s a feature that many IP cameras do not have. This camera also supports a memory card of up to 64gb and up to 2TB of cloud storage, and this is also a fantastic feature.

The night vision was also noticeably well-designed and can pick up clear images in the dead of night, and this is important to point out because many cameras boast about having a night vision option, but few actually deliver on a quality night vision experience.


The biggest and most frustrating issue about this camera is that it resets itself, sometimes twice a day or more. It turns itself and back on, and this is extremely frustrating because every time it resets, you have to go and readjust the camera.

This could be awful when you’re at work or something and come home to find out that your camera has been messed up the entire day and didn’t capture anything at all. Multiple users have reported this happening, and it’s evidently the only thing truly holding this camera back from being one of the go-to options in the industry, save for the 720P display, of course.

There is also a known issue that occurs where the camera will occasionally not connect to Wi-Fi whatsoever. These two issues by themselves can effectively render this camera useless, and it’s truly a shame because otherwise this is an awesome camera.

There were only a few of these reports noted, so there’s a good chance you might get lucky and not experience them, but I certainly wouldn’t take such a high-risk gamble.


The All Cart Wireless surveillance system is a very well-rounded security camera system that offers a ton of great features at a pretty affordable price. This is a relatively standard IP camera that doesn’t really have any stand-out features other than the two-way audio functionality, and it should be noted that the audio feature is extremely important and shouldn’t be overlooked.

This camera is a good entry-level option for someone who might not know anything at all about IP surveillance, but it lacks some features that make other IP camera systems great.

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