A Guide To IP Camera Installation

A Guide To IP Camera Installation

If you feel that you need to keep guard of your home, even when you are away, then you need to install the surveillance IP cameras in your home. This is the best way to have a close eye on your home and see what is happening inside and outside your home right in front of your eyes, even if you are hundreds of miles away. This is done with the help of the high-quality security internet protocol cameras that are available in the market today.

The latest IP camera system is well-equipped to provide you live video feed as well as an audio feed of what is happening inside the room where the cameras are located and it will be beamed onto your computer or Smartphone through the app.

Why you need surveillance?

If you are still not made up your mind as to whether or not you need to install a surveillance system in your home, then you need to give importance to the safety and security of your home and also your property and belongings.

It will not only deter and protect your home from the attack of burglars, thieves, and criminals, but you can use it to monitor your baby or pets or elderly parents when you are busy working at your office or even working in the kitchen.

If home protection as well as nannies, baby or pet monitoring is in your mind and you worry about it, then you need to surely go for the wireless IP camera.

The different ways of installing an IP camera

There are many things that you need to do in order to set up and install security surveillance system in your home. Most of the modern-day devices that come with wireless options are very easy to install and can be set up even by you.

Prepare the surveillance needs

It is not an easy job to monitor every inch of your house, even if you have the best of the best surveillance systems . You need to take into consideration all the important areas that you want to keep an eye on through the IP cameras.

The modern-day IP cameras offer 360-degree rotation and vertical and horizontal tilt options to cover almost all the nook and corner of your home.

If you have a blueprint of your home, then make use of a copy of the same to decide on the locations where you need to place the cameras. This will help you in knowing how many cameras that you need to buy.

Some of the important places where you should place the IP cameras are:

  • All the common areas in your home
  • Baby’s room
  • Front and the back doors
  • Backyard space
  • Porches
  • Stairways
  • Driveways

Buying the right package

It is not worth investing in different equipment that you need for the surveillance system. Buying them as a package that will meet your needs and budget is the best option. There is no doubt that you will need a minimum of 3 to 4 wireless surveillance cameras in order to cover the major areas of your home, both the interiors and the exteriors.

If you are looking at monitoring your baby or pet or elderly parents and also your house belongings, then investing in wireless IP cameras is the best option. These cameras are designed to cover small rooms and also to stream the live video feed to the homeowner’s computer or smart phone.

Camera options on offer

After you have an assessment of the number of cameras needed, now you will have to think about the specific cameras that you need to invest in. The cameras that are on offer may cost from hundreds of dollars to thousands depending on the surveillance specifications.

Wireless cameras

  • They are the best to install at home as they are easy to set up and you do not have to deal with messy and tangling wires
  • They are ideal for small room coverage and the latest wireless IP cameras offer a host of functions

Motion Sensing Cameras

  • If you have to keep track of your baby’s or pet’s movement or want to watch your elderly parents at home when you are at work, then you need to invest in motion-sensing camera
  • They will start to record when they sense some movement and will capture footage when someone is moving in the room
  • These cameras will save space and energy

Remote viewing cameras

  • If you are a business traveler who is away from home for at least 10 to 15 days a month, then investing in high-end IP cameras that support remote viewing options is the ideal option
  • These cameras can stream live video and audio feed to the Smartphone or computer that is located anywhere in the world through a program or app

Installing the cameras

The following is the procedure that you need to follow in order to install the IP cameras in your home.

Location for the camera

  • The best place to install cameras is always on the corner wall of the room where the wall and the ceiling meets
  • Ensure that all entries and exit points of the room are covered by the camera
  • Placing a camera above 10 feet on the outside is ideal so that it cannot be easily broken down by intruders

Mounting the camera

Some of the modern-day cameras come with sticky pads that will make camera mounting and fixing a breezy job. If it is possible, it is better to screw the camera on the wall to make sure that it does not fall off that easily. The procedure to mount the camera is as follows:

  • The camera has to be first placed in the desired location on the wall
  • Make marks on the wall where you will be screwing the camera onto the wall
  • Drill hole for each screw, hammer the molding pins and then screw the mount on the wall
  • Place the camera in such a way that has a maximum coverage angle

Once the camera is set up, you can link the camera to your computer or Smartphone by using the software program or the mobile app to get live video feed of your home.

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